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Umbrella Crochet - Free Pattern

Free Pattern:

Umbrella crochet yarn

Hello everyone, today Crochet Pattern yarn blog will share with you crochet wire-free pattern of this beautiful umbrella and wonderful made of crochet threads.
Any piece of yarn crochet is already beautiful in itself, but this umbrella is really wonderful!
This pattern is easy because you can use any of crochet tablecloth pattern and make the size of the umbrella.
You will also find here another model, but you can choose any other pattern table center and do in such the umbrella :)

You will pick up any free pattern CROCHET YARN CENTER TABLE, and make the size of the umbrellaAnd follow the video below, which teaches how to make a crochet yarn umbrella.

The pattern of this photo model is this:

Below the video with the Tutorial:

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