quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2016

Crochet flower bouquet - Pattern

Hello crocheters, today I will share the pattern of this crochet flower bouquet.
crochet flowers are beautiful and give life to any piece. A detail that makes a difference in crochet work. The crochet flowers have a thousand and one uses!
There are numerous possibilities to include crochet flower in your home decor or even turn it into a utility: as curtain clip
table runners, mats, cup holder, toilet, carpets etc. You can also learn through tutorials magazines or even on the internet how to make a flower in basic crochet and from there go up adventuring for other models.
Mini arrangements mounted on vintage vessels become unique pieces to admire and therefore share the pattern of this crochet flower bouquet.

I thought only the pattern of this diagram:

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